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We are SO EXCITED to announce our 2017-2018 Teams!!

Please understand that for the month of June, we will have our first ever Tiny Team and then there will be two “practice groups”. These groups may be split even further in July into actual teams. Throughout the Summer (until August 1st) people may be moved from one team to the other, from both teams to only one, or from one team to both, etc.

There are some athletes who are going to be practicing with both groups for the month of June to work on their skills but will not necessarily be on both teams because of age, skill, etc. so please check both lists for your number! Both practice groups will practice on Tuesdayand Thursday nights during the month of June. Summer schedules will be handed out at mandatory walk-through day on Sunday June 4th (10am-1pm). What we observe over the next few weeks will help us to identify the needs of each team and make our final decisions to create the most successful teams we can for the program!
Luminous: Tiny Exhibition:
Coach: Latisha Learn
Allure: Youth L1:
Coaches: Sarah Zeh & Brooke Stoddard
Prestige: Junior L2:
Coaches: Bethany Adams & Amanda Azzi
Reign: Senior 2:
Coaches: Amanda Azzi & Bethany Adams
Welcome [back] to the Family!! 
Amanda & Beth
New York Icons South
1 Main Street, Arkport, NY